Our Leadership Team

Warren Jackson

Executive Director

I love to walk through life with people and help them become the best version of themselves. God has blessed me with a passion to disciple and invest in people (life-coaching). Whether it’s leading or speaking at an event, mentoring one-on-one with young adults and couples, or partnering with the local church, my greatest passion and joy comes from seeing people be their best for God and themselves.

There are so many young men who are struggling to find their identity. I want to make a change in that demographic. I think there is hope for these young men to pursue the Lord and what it means to be a godly man. 25 years of church ministry, 20 years in non-profit leadership, a degree in music, many years in creative leadership development, as well as years of millennial research, have prepared me for such a time as this.

I am passionate about life-coaching, leadership development, and encouraging others. My wife, Lisa, and I love to laugh, travel, and go on dates. We have opened our home up to several young men over the years. Those relationships have grown our family. Now, we have several “sons”: Landon, Doug, Reed, and Tanner. We work hard and find joy with our boys, our pups, and our friends.

I love what life has to offer. I look forward to sharing life-changing, life-giving experiences with you, your church/ministry, your students, your family and your organizations.

Let’s partner together for greater things to be the best we can be for the Lord.

Simply Loving People!

Candy Huggins

Development & Staff Relations

Candy began working full time with us in January of 2013. She was a nurse for 6 years prior to that. Why Clear? Clear does things differently! In 2003 I started traveling as a summer staffer and over the years since then I have seen thousands of lives changed, literally changed! Where can we find you when you are not working? At the gym or with friends. What is something you are passionate about? I am passionate about helping people see that they are capable of way more than they feel sometimes! Tell us one thing you couldn’t live without! Family. Favorite Quote? “Do whatever He tells you.” -Mary, mother of Jesus

Alice Lothman

Internship & Connections

Alice Lothman grew up in Conroe, Texas. After high school, Alice attended and graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelors of Music. Alice eventually moved to Shreveport, Louisiana to begin working with Clear, Inc. full-time. Alice now directs the Clear Interns Program and writes curriculum for Clear throughout the year.
Alice is passionate about God’s Word and communicating the Truth found in Scripture. With over 10 years of teaching experience, including 4 years in the Texas Public School system, she is fully equipped to lead and teach students of all ages in both small group settings and in large crowds. She is committed to living differently than what’s expected by our culture and is grateful to have the opportunity to invest in this generation.

Jo Meeks

Executive Assistant & Marketing

I love a lot of things. I love children, people, relationships, knowledge, dogs, and the color yellow. These are all great things. However, I love getting to know people’s stories most of all! Understanding someone’s past and seeing how it has shaped their life is a beautiful thing. I want to how the Lord changed their life! I want to know their victories and their defeats! I’m passionate about knowing people past the surface level!

The Lord has radically changed my life. He has planted so many opportunities within the last few years! As a Clear Summer Staffer, a youth leader, a Clear Intern, and as a speaker, the Lord has shown me how to dream. My dream is to be a speaker to many. I want to tell people who the Lord is and what He can do in their life. I want to change the world.

Board of Directors


Randy Wood, President

Dr. Rusty Fileccia, Vice President

Scott Bates, Treasurer

Rhonda Petty, Secretary

Andy Coats

Kevin Boles

Deb Brittan

Sherri Buffington