Leadership Training

Why do we focus on leadership and character development in college students?

Our primary goal in Clear is that we share the Gospel consistently.  Whether it be through our speech, behavior, mannerisms or just life, we MUST learn to live the “abundant life” (John 10:10) as the best version of ourselves.  Therefore, we believe that the key to great leadership is sustainable character.  If character is truly who you are, then it will affect every area of your life.  In a generation that is so “cause driven,” sustainable character is essential.  Without it, “causes” will come and go and so will the leaders.  And as a result, we do not live, carry, and share the Gospel in the way we were purposed to do.  Leadership and strength of character MUST be in the development process.

What is the difference between Summer Staff and Interns?

We have been serving college-aged students since the beginning of Clear.  It is our focus and mission field.  We thank God for the privilege of investing in these young people, inspiring them to be the best version of themselves, and introducing opportunities to live that out.  Each summer, 50 plus young people get 2 solid months of investment, inspiration, and opportunity to take back into their everyday life.  They truly are on mission.  We call them Summer Staff.

Clear Interns take that small investment and expand it over the course of a year.  All the information we have obtained states that the average 17 or 18 year old doesn’t know what they really want to do with their life.  So they are left with a dilemma: go to college and figure it out on their own; stay home and work and figure it out on their own; or become a Clear Intern and have life coaches for a year to help them figure themselves out and then figured what their potential is for life.

Clear Interns target seven areas of development: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Relational, Emotional, Business/Financial, and Ministerial.  Through the course of a year, our interns are coached in all of these areas and given the resources needed to have sustainable character in each of these seven development areas.